VVCE TIMES : Edition32


VVCE shall be a leading Institution in engineering and management education enabling individuals for significant contribution to the society.


  • To provide the best teaching – learning environment through competent staff and excellent infrastructure.
  • To inculcate professional ethics, leadership qualities, communication and entrepreneurial skills to meet the societal needs.
  • To promote innovation through research and development.
  • To strengthen industry-institute interaction for knowledge sharing.


A talk on ‘Career Counselling’ at 100.6FM

It is a proud moment for all VVCEians as our dynamic Principal Dr. B Sadashive Gowda was invited to an interactive programme at Akashavani hosted by the program coordinator Sri Bedre Manjunatha, on the most googled topic 'Career Counselling’. The program was aired on 24th May 2022 on AIR 100.6 FM. It was very informative and highlighted the career opportunities for Mechanical engineering along with other streams of technical education. He also spread the word on how VVCE clubs are working by giving students practical exposure by bridging a gap with the Industry. He also mentioned the placement opportunities in the field of mechanical engineering by stressing the demand & supply ratio observed in a year and the outgoing population of engineers in this field is very low but the demand is high, he also spoke about the diversity in this field has a lot of exposure and assured placements for women mechanical engineers and how the Department of Mechanical Engineering has been offered the maximum placements at VVCE within the first half of the academic year.

Industry visit for IV sem EEE Students

Dept of EEE organized an Industry Visit to Rangsons Aerospace, for 4th-semester students of EEE.

Signed an MoU

Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering has signed an MOU with Uniabroad for creating awareness of higher education abroad.

VLSI NEXT 2022 Conference

VLSI NEXT 2022 Conference was conducted in association with Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM) and SJCE STEP on 14/05/22. Students of ECE and EEE attended the Event along with Faculty members Dr.Suchitra C, Dr. Geethashree A, Dr. Lokesh C and Prof. Rakshith P.

Industrial Visit: M/s. Ferro Foundries or Ferro Tiger

Dr. G V Naveen Prakash and Dr. S A Mohan Krishna along with the Principal and Head (Training & Placement) visited M/s. Ferro Foundries or Ferro Tiger for setting up the industry-institute relationship and knowledge enhancement on 13.5.2022.

Talk on "Career Opportunities for Electrical Engineers"

Mr. Sundar K S, Associate Vice President, Infosys, Mysuru, delivered a talk on " Career Opportunities for Electrical Engineers" for 4th semester EEE students on 19/05/22.


Department of CSE(Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning ), organized a webinar on a journey of data towards Knowledge: a data mining process" on 15th May 2022. Vaishnavi Dharmadhikari, from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, was the resource person.

Technical Talk

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has organized a Technical talk on "Opportunities in AI and ML" on 7th May 2022 for the 6th-semester students by the speaker Dr. P M Shivamurthy, Data Science, iNDx.ai, Mysore.

Workshop on "Web development using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap"

Dept. of CSE, had organized 3 days workshop from 10th to 12th May 2022 on "Web development using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap" for 6th-semester students, by Shreyas M S, Manager, Techcentrix Mysuru.

Boot Camp

Department of CSE, organized Boot Camp event-DP 900, in association with Microsoft Azure Tech Developer Community for the second and third-year students from 11th to 14th May 2022.


Dr. Umesha P K, Prof. Rajeeth T J, Prof. Manoj P, Prof. Madhushree C, Prof. Raghavendra SS and Prof. Amruthavarshini V were involved in the Third Party Inspection of different works of MCC, Mysuru with Internal Revenue Generation of Rs. 1,31,267/-


Dr. Umesha P K, Prof. Arjun V, and Prof. Anjan, Sri Vedan were involved in the Assessment of Concrete Quality and Strength for Structural Elements of New Hostel Building Using NDT with Inter Revenue generation of Rs.10,620/-


Prof. Arjun V and Sri Avinash were involved in Concrete cube and Concrete Block Testing with an Internal Revenue Generation of Rs. 4450/-.

VISIT TO SIT TUMKUR regarding CONSTRUCTION YARD in the Department for Civil Engineering Practices

Dr. Shilpa B S, Prof. Arjun V, Prof. Anjan B K, Prof. Manoj P, Prof. Raghavendra S S & Prof. Amruthavarshini V visited SIT, Tumkur to discuss the Construction Yard planned for the department to enhance the knowledge of Civil Engineering Practices among students.

Birthday celebration of Ivan Sutherland

"The department of Computer Science and Engineering, Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering, Mysuru organized a birthday celebration of Sri Ivan Sutherland, Father of modern Computer Graphics on 16th May 2022. The students of Sixth semester participated in the event. Prof. Arpitha M S, assistant professor in the department of CSE gave an introductory speech about Ivan Sutherland. A short quiz about Ivan Sutherland was also conducted. Prof. Chayakumari H A, assistant professor in the department of CSE hosted the quiz. The following students got the prizes for the quiz
1. Vishnu M (6th Sem, C Section)
2. Nagendra (6th Sem, B Section)
3. Sinchana (6th Sem, C Section)"

Internship opportunities and paper publications by Dr. Sangharatna Godboley

The talk was conducted at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering on the “Internship opportunities and paper publications” by Dr. Sangharatna Godboley, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, NIT Warangal for VI semester students, on 22/04/2022 afternoon from 2 PM to 3 PM. Students got benefitted from this talk given by a resource person. As they got leads regarding internships and writing papers for indexed journals and presenting papers at conferences.

Five-Day Faculty Development Program on “Recent Trends in Cyber Security and Blockchain Technology”

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Vidyavardhaka College of Engineering, Mysuru in association with Wireless Inter Networking Group (WiNG) had organized Five Day Faculty Development Program on “Recent Trends in Cyber Security and Blockchain Technology” for the faculties of various Engineering Colleges from 18th to 22nd April 2022. The purpose of the FDP was to introduce the participants to bring awareness in the area of cyber security and blockchain technologies.

“Arduino Programming”

VVCE-ME Skill Development Center (VSDC) organized a one-day Skill Development Programme on “Arduino Programming” for the 6th Semester ME students on 24th May 2022. Resource persons were from the e-yantra robotics lab, Electronics & Communication Department, VVCE. Dr. Nithyananda B S and Prof. Rakshith Gowda were the faculty coordinators for the workshop.

Discussion on TiE events

Mr. Sudhanva Dhananjay - President of TiE mysuru chapter and founder of Excel Soft Technology, Dr. Mahesh Rao - Board member of TiE Mysuru chapter, Mr. Shankar Prasad - Senior Manager of Excel Soft and Mr. Mahesh Kattale - ED of TiE Mysuru Chapter visited our institute on 23.05.2022 and discussed about TiE events, entrepreneur cluster, measures for the enhancement of entrepreneur culture in institute with the team members of TiE Mysuru chapter, Dr. B Sadashive Gowda - Principal VVCE and Dr. Lokesh C - coordinator for E Cell VVCE.

Great India Hackathon

Dept. of CSE, organized "Great India Hackathon" in association with Microsoft Azure Developer Community and Reskill on 23rd and 24th May 2022, around 500 students participated across Karnataka.

Workshop on Embedded Systems and Robotics

"The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, has conducted a workshop on ""Embedded Systems and Robotics"", on 25 May 2022, for sixth semester students, in association with VEEE-SPARC. The Resource persons for the workshop were VEEE-SPARC members. The Faculty advisor was Prof. Rakshith P. The Faculty Coordinators were Prof.Babu Rajendra Prasad, Prof. Raghunath M J and Prof. Rakshith P"



Ramanuja M A of 8th sem, Department of Information Science & Engineering participated in Shriram Properties Bengaluru Marathon and stands 22 nd in the age category rank. He also obtained 214th place out of 8210 in the TCS 10km event.

A Muthappan, Aadarsh M A and Devang U Desai, 6th semester ME students have successfully completed NPTEL courses offered during Jan to April 2022 on “Introduction to Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things” and “Steel Quality: Role of secondary Refining and Continuous casting” wit Elite Grade.

Soujanya and Sumukha of 6th semester, Dept. of ISE completed NPTEL course titled "PYTHON FOR DATA SCIENCE".

Sunil of 6th sem, Dept. of ISE has created a digital library app by using one of the Google app engines.

Hema Naidu, 6th semester Student, Dept. of CSE, Completed the course Introduction to Machine Learning from Great Learning.

Rakshitha Kashyap G K, 6th semester student, Dept. of CSE, has successfully qualified the 1st round of National Engineering Olympaid 5.0.

Rakshitha Kashyap G K, 6th semester student has successfully completed internship on "German to English Language Translation" from intership studio.

RAkshitha Kashyap G K, 6th semester student, Dept. of CSE, has successfully completed NPTEL course on "Ethical Hacking".


Prof. Ajitkumar, Prof. Abhijeet Duggani and Prof. Anand of mathematics department completed an NPTEL course titled " Engineering Mathematics II".

Prof. Shrinivasa D, Prof. Bhanu Prakash M J, Prof. Rajesh Kumbara S K, Prof. Dushyant Kumar L have successfully completed three modules of NITTT-2022 (National Initiative for Technical Teachers Training).

Prof. Shrinivasa D and Dr. G V Naveen Prakash successfully presented their research paper titled “ Machinability Studies on Hybrid Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites” in 4th International Conference on Material Science and Manufacturing Technology 2022 (ICMSMT 2022) held from 8th to 9th April 2022 at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu (Online).

Dr. S A Mohan Krishna delivered a technical talk on 'Technological Advances, Research Prospects and Application Areas in Cryogenic Engineering' on the occasion of National Technology Day', on 11.5.2022 which was organized by Institution of Engineers and ISHRAE MYSORE CHAPTER.

Dr. S A Mohan Krishna has been selected as one of the reviewers for the International Conference of Advanced Materials scheduled at Orlando, USA during June - July 2022.

Dr. S A Mohan Krishna has been included as one of the reviewers in Advanced Thermal Engineering, Elsevier.

Dr. S A Mohan Krishna has been included as one of the panelists or session chairs which has been scheduled for a Virtual International Conference on Recent Advances in Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering at Torino, Italy during August 2022.

Dr.Gururaj H L, Associate Professor, Dept. of CSE, is invited as a resource person to delivery technical talk on ," Role of AI in Cyber Security ", Australia.

Dr. Gururaj H L, Associate Professor, Dept. of CSE, is granted with Australian patent "Advanced WI-FI Enable Water".

Dr. Gururaj H L, Associate Professor, and Mr. SunilKumar B R, Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE, were resource person for the workshop on " Cyber Security and Blockchain Technologies ", organized by Dept. of CSE, on 05/05/2022 at KKR & KSR Institute of Technology and Science, Andra Pradesh.

Dr. Pooja M R, Professor, Dept. of CSE, delivered a Research talk on " Analytics for Intelligent Healthcare " organized by Mahindra College of Engineering, Chennai, Dept. of ISE in association with Institution Innovation Council on 6th May 2022.

Under the guidance of Dr. A B Rajendra, Professor & Head, Dept. of ISE Mr. Rohithaksha completed pre-colloquium of his Ph.D work.

Prof. Vartika Sharma of Information Science & Engineering attended One week International FDP on Frontiers of Data Science in Trending Technologies conducted by MGIT, Hyderabad from 09th to 13th May 2022.

Prof. Chethan L and team Won JSSTU cricket tournament runner up trophy and Prof. Chethan L awarded best faculty cricketer.

Dr. S K Prasad Delivered a Webinar on “Challenges for Foundation treatment on Black cotton Soil”, MCE Hassan.

Kiran, Assistant Professor, ECE dept. has published a paper titled "Resource Optimized Selective Image Encryption of Medical Images Using Multiple Chaotic Systems" in Microprocessors and Microsystems Elsevier (SCI indexed).

Mrs. Usha C S, Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE is selected as Ambassador for Google women Techmakers.

Prof. Muthuraju N P published a research article titled “Thermal Storage for the Analysis of Hybrid Energy Systems Based on Geothermal and Solar Power” in the Scopus indexed journal “International Journal of Photoenergy” during May 2022.

Dr. Sudev L J and Dr. Vinod B published a research article titled “Effect of Cryogenic Treatment on Mechanical Behavior of PALF Reinforced Polymer Composite” in the Scopus and Web of Science indexed journal Science Direct Materials Today: Proceedings during May 2022.

Dr. S A Mohan Krishna has got the professional association with International Science Council and International Union for Materials Research Societies, both France.

Dr. S A Mohan Krishna successfully delivered a Keynote address on Technological Advances, Research Prospects and Application Areas in Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, at 10th World Congress on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials held during May 17, 2022, at Paris, France (Online).

Dr. S A Mohan Krishna has been noted as a Keynote speaker for a virtual international conference Advances in Mechanical Engineering scheduled at Italy during August 2022.

Dr. S A Mohan Krishna has been included in the editorial board of the international journal, Journal of Engineering, Technology and Research, Hong Kong.

Dr. Ramakrishna Hegde, Associate Professor in association with IEEE student chapter team, Dept. of CSE, received a grant of $300 from IEEE CS GAC, USA to organize various activities.

Dr. Gururaj H L, Associate Professor, Dept. of CSE, received a grant of 10,000 from Council of Scientific and Industrial Research for organizing five days faculty development program on "Cyber Security and Block Chain Technology"

Dr. Ravikumar V, Dr. Gururaj H L, Mr.Sunilkumar B R, faculties of Dept. of CSE, published a book titled "Blockchain Technology for Smart Grids", by The Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Dr. Ravikumar V, Professor and Head of the Department CSE, provided vocational guidance for aspiring engineers to computer science domain in All India Radio Mysuru on 20/05/2022.

Dr. Mohammed. Mudassir N and Prof. Chandini S B of Information Science & Engineering conducted one day workshop on Data Analytics and Big Data technologies as part of value added course at NIE Mysuru on 23rd May 2022.

Prof. Rajini S, Department of Information Science & Engineering completed NPTEL course on "Introduction to Internet of Things".

Mrs. BHAVYA B G, Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE, has successfully completed the course "Python Basics for Data Science", from IBM.


Department of Mathematics is organizing *Three days FDP on "Applications of Mathematics in Engineering discipline"* from 02 June - 04 June 2022.


2021 Batch Placed Students


Pool Campus Drive

Berry Global Pool Campus drive held at our campus - Students of VVCE, SJCE, MITT and PES participated in the drive. (ME Branch)

Company Event - SAP LABS

VVCE one among the few colleges invited for the company interaction by SAP LABS. This event was conducted for the colleges to know more about the companies research and how they work. Dr. Rashmi S. Head Training and Placement department, represented event from VVCE.

Placement - Campus Drive

Motherson Automotive Technology and Engineering campus drive held on 14th May 2022 for ME and EEE students.

Excelsoft campus drive

Excelsoft Campus drive held on 20.05.2022


Training and Placement department conduction meeting for 6th Semester Mechanical Student about upcoming placement process and drives on 10th May 2022.

On 10th May 2022 Training and Placement department conducted meeting for 6th Semester Mechanical Student about upcoming placement process and drives.

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